Top 5 Apps and Websites for Tracking the Weather in Ireland

The Weather in Ireland

You’re on your way to Ireland, or you are already here. You’ve heard ton’s of bad things about the weather in Ireland and have no idea what to expect.

As my Mom always told me, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”.

Then you’re left to figure out what to wear, and the confusion cycles around again…

Thankfuly, technology has brought us a WAVE of WINDerful app’s and websites that can help us at least attempt at predicting the future.

Below are 5 of our favorites, and most reliable for when you are travelling Ireland.

This one can be a bit techy, and a bit tough to get your head around but investing time into figuring it out can pay serious dividends, particularly when traveling coastal areas along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Use the map features to find the closest weather stations, and “star” them to make them easier to find

Top Tip – Scroll down to the hourly forecast for a bit more accuracy

Lally Tours Weather Nerd


We love this weather app because of it’s simplicity. It’s incredibly easy to navigate, and super-visual. Just scroll in, swipe around and scroll out. 

Exploring the remote towns, villages and islands of Ireland can leave you very exposed. We’re still going to go there, but at least you will know how to prepare!

Top Tip – Don’t miss the different filters! By default shows the wind, but you can change that to temperature, clouds, waves, radars etc etc..

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Met Éireann

**Take the forecasts with a pinch of salt**

This is the Irish Meteorological Service, which is compiled and published by the Irish Government.

Although it can be very “wordy” and full of jargon, the LIVE information is accurate. There’s are many ongoing jokes amongst us Irish about the forecasting provided by Met Éireann and how they manage to keep their jobs, but the live info is solid.

Regardless, it’s a great source to keep an eye on the current weather in Ireland

Top Tip – Download the app, and sign up for the national weather warnings. Super-handy, especially when exploring Ireland in the winter-time

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Wind Finder

Another simple app to use. Really convenient, and load’s quickly. 

Just like WindGuru, it’s particularly accurate for coastal towns like Dingle, Galway, Salthill and anywhere else along the Wild Atlantic Way

Top Tip – Simply add your various destinations to your list of favorites, and they all appear on one simple summary screen!

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Finnis Buoy Twitter

Alright, alright – This isn’t an app, it’s a robot twitter account. But it is without a doubt the most accurate live information you are going to get. The Finnis Buoy is an East Cardinal Mark located off the South East of Finnis Rock (thats a point between the Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher, for you and me)

It monitors weather & sea state in real time. The excellent thing is that it live tweets every 15mins.

Top Tip – THIS is the absolute best weather info source if travelling to the Aran Islands

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Visit Finnis Buoy Twitter

Well, I hope that the above info will go some way in helping you stay warm and dry while in Ireland and that you can take some of that wisdom with you as you continue to travel around the world.

Keep warm and take care,

Máirtín Óg Lally