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Covid 19 Policy

Our Promise to our Guests

Our commitment to providing memorable experiences with safety at the forefront has never been stronger and. We will continue to provide the highest hygiene, health and safety standards to ensure your peace of mind and comfort.

Hygiene Practices

Before joining any of our experiences, we ask that you make yourself familiar with a few practices that allow us to continue exploring the best of the West of Ireland:

Face Coverings

  • Must be worn inside any of our vehicles for the duration of your time on board
  • Exemptions include children under 13 years old and people with specific medical conditions

Hand Hygiene

  • Hand Santizer is available on all vehicles and should be used when boarding and disembarking the vehicles

Social Distancing

  • All tours and services are capacity managed and subject to a maximum limit of 50% occupancy. This ensures two seats for each individual passenger
  • All seats are on open availability and guests are requested to remain in the same seats for the entire journey
  • The front row of seats are not available to passengers. This is to allow distancing for your driver

Thorough Cleaning Regime

  • All primary touch points are sanitised throughout the day
  • All vehicles are thoroughly deep-cleaned at the end of each day and includes a cold-fogging process 


  • Please observe social distancing protocols, hand hygiene and coughing etiquette throughout the duration of your journey
  • If you develop symptoms throughout the journey, please make this known to your driver so we can enact our safety protocols quickly and efficiently

Wash Hands Regularly

  • Please wash your hands well and regularly to avoid contamination

What we ask of our guests

  • Please wear your face covering from before boarding until after disembarking
  • Please use hand sanitiser at every opportunity and wash your hands regularly
  • Please allow plenty of space between you and other passengers and our staff
  • Please pre-book in advance. This helps us ensure plenty of open space for everyone.
  • Please pay using card online or contactless in person

We sincerely thank you for working with us on the above. This helps us to maintain the safest, cleanest environment possible. This in turn allows us all to continue to explore to our heart’s content!